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Chelsea News: Tuchel’s NEW Formation! Chelsea Target De Ligt


Chelsea News

Chelsea News: Tuchels NEW Formation! Chelsea Target De Ligt

Chelsea News: Tuchel’s NEW Formation! Chelsea Target De Ligt! Loftus-Cheek’s NEW Position! Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel could reportedly turn their attention away from Jules Kounde and sign Juventus’ Matthijs de Ligt next summer. Could Chelsea be turning to a new formation in 433 for future games under Thomas Tuchel after playing it in the Carabao Cup against Aston Villa? Ruben Loftus-Cheek looks reborn at Chelsea playing in a new position at CDM at the base of the midfield.

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Chelsea News

hello friends what’s going on welcome


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welcome back to chelsea news of course


the daily series here on football


therapy where i see what’s being said


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on the blues giving you my opinion where


i’ve got lost anyway there’s plenty of


stuff to talk about today i do want to


reflect on a couple of things about




win or qualification against aston villa


in the carabao cup of course a new


formation of course a new position for


reuben loftus-cheek very compelling


indeed as well as chelsea drawing


southampton and i want to talk about


matthias delix from an article from the


mail online i’m sorry selling good


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all right then let’s get into it first


of all before i talk about elements of


the game yesterday i do want to talk


about how chelsea have drawn southampton


at home a pretty good draw in my opinion


and if you ask me it’s probably the same


level as aston villa at home at the


moment in terms of the current


footballing premier league climate of


course southampton have just drawn


away to manchester city which is a huge


result for hassan hootel and his men of


course ralph hasselhood has taken to a


new look where he wears that shirt and


waistcoat and he looks like a drunk dad


our wedding at 4am i mean it’s just a


nailed on look and i literally have no


idea why he’s doing it but hey it’s fun


southampton are of course a good side


they’ve sold danny ings to aston villa


but they’ve got chelsea’s academy player


of the year tina libermento who’s very


very good who’s going to be returning to


stamford bridge already in the first


team after we sold him to um southampton


and it’s a nailed on goal from tina


libermento or at least a master class so


be terrified and fearful about that


inevitability of course i’m on the


broads there as well i’m not entirely


sure if he’s not allowed to play because


i know in the premier league you’re not


allowed to play against your parent club


but i think you can in the cups if


chelsea grant permission i remember when


darby came to a stanford bridge i was at


that game when he brought his um derby


side there and the mason mount played


and fikayo tomori played because chelsea


granted special permission so who knows


they might grant special permission for


armando brosher to play but hopefully


not because he’s good ultimately a good


draw if you ask me


relatively testing yeah not like you


know i’m going to say man city early


doors but thomas tuchel’s got man city’s


number guardiola’s number we’ll be fine


everything’s going to be fine fine cool


so good draw for me let’s move on and


talk about the game yesterday and a


couple of notable elements all right


first and foremost the for free free


formation interesting with a lone pivot


of course i suppose a 433 without with a


double pivot is a 4-2-3-1 isn’t it


ultimately because you have a number 10.


so for free free but the most


interesting part of this was


ruben loftus-cheek as a lone pivot


playing cdm now this is interesting


because we as chelsea fans no reuben


lost his cheek as like a number eight


that’s probably the deepest maybe a


double six experimentally but a number


eight a number ten even antonio conte


wanted to turn reuben lost his cheek


into a striker remember that kante was


like i think he has all the


qualities to be a striker i’m not gonna


do kante’s accent i’ve already tried i


can’t take it back i’m sorry for that so


reuben was progressively moving further


and further up the pitch he even played


right wing i believe under conte or was


it sorry no no i’m just sorry he


definitely played left center mid as


like a left eight that’s where he did


his best work reuben lost his cheek in


the europa league run combining event


hazard if you watch this channel


football therapy over the years you will


remember me constantly waxing lyrical


about 2019 reuben loftus-cheek in that


left channel


explosive and a beautiful footballer


before he did his achilles very very


tragic and he just hasn’t been the same


player since unless he is of course


reborn in this number six position lone




could be amazing he certainly performed


well against aston villa he had number


eights in front of him that dropped down


to cover when he was exploding forward


through midfield and progressing the


ball this could be something here we


know thomas dougal likes ruben


loftus-cheek he’s spoken about him


before in press conferences saying he’s


a bit like michael ballack he’s got


qualities he likes and he’s known him


since the chelsea youth system which is


pretty interesting so in a season when


we’re playing in multiple competitions


and he likes midfield cover and hey in a


season where we’re still unsure about


sao niguez whether he’ll come good maybe


having the option to turn to ruben


loftus-cheek will be a really positive


thing for chelsea manager thomas tucker


i think his driving runs will be harder


to pick up when he’s coming from the


base of a midfield flanked by two sort


of number eights i think that will suit


him better and maybe maybe this is


pisa’s he’s changed since his injury


maybe he doesn’t trust himself for those


small motor movements like he did before


the achilles injuries which you kind of


need further up the pitch if he’s


looking at more of the pitch and he just


needs to drive forwards with the ball


because he’s coming from that pivot


maybe it works maybe it works so huge


thumbs up for reuben loftus-cheek but


let’s go back to the full free free


formation and talk about that for just a


moment now we’ve spoken about two called


training another formation before but no


one’s ever called out for it and why


would you we’re champions of europe


playing a free four two one superb suits


our players perfectly but there’s still


that sort of lingering oh but one of


these particular type of games that have


completely locked down the channels for


that formation maybe it’s worth


switching it to something else even for


like 20 minutes in a single game rather


than playing a whole game in that


formation so it certainly was


interesting to see to go for this for


free free of course in this formation


with chelsea loser’s defender so i think


callum hudson adore was dropping down


from the right-wing position a lot out


of possession you’ve heard managers over


the years talk about yeah formations are


important but because they’re so fluid


these days in and out of possession


moving around in different phases of


play they’re quite fluid anyway like a


certain player playing a position will


be playing three positions almost


throughout the entirety of a football


match so it’s not so rigid but it very


much was a 4-3 yesterday it was


interesting to watch i don’t think we’ll


be seeing it again anytime soon because


these big difficult matches coming up


will of course revert to type with the


three for free but certainly interesting


to see tukel train this and i’ll be very


keen to watch how it develops in the


future could it be another string to


tuckle’s bow or could it be ultimately a


destructive thing where you waste time


and confuse the players well though it’s


the first of the two anyway let’s move


on and cite the crap brag the mail


online to talk about matteo’s delix


that’s right despite the emergence of


trevchalabar and the utilization of




in that cup game chelsea are still being


heavily linked with a center back of


course after not stealing the transfer


of your kundai before the end of the


transfer window you can expect the likes


of andreas christensen and cesar’s


bernicuetta to sign new deals although i


think aspel acquiescer might start to


play less and less and of course we see


him utilized a lot at right wing back


fingers crossed for antonio rudiger but


it’s not such a done deal just yet i do


think the likes of melanchol will still


probably end up going on loan are


chelsea certain to get your kunday in


january or next summer i don’t know


they’re being linked to other defenders


maybe they’re angry at severe and maybe


they want me to cut ties with the deal


chelsea have been linked quite heavily


of late to juventus defender matthias


delict now remember in that ix team he


was probably the highest profile exit of


all the players i’m talking you’re


obviously deyoung to barcelona was


massive as well hacking cs to chelsea of


course more of a senior player though


and donnie van der beek bless him


to manchester united


but delict was the captain of iax at


just 19 years old which is mind-blowing


really if you think of like caddich and


all these other senior players there but


yeah delict was the captain he was so so


impressive in the champions league and


winning the league in um holland he went


for a lot of money to juventus had some


struggling sort of times trying to


settle in now he’s being linked to


chelsea and we’re gonna reference an


article i’m sorry from the mail online


i’m sorry let’s see what they have to


say about this situation chelsea will


turn their attention to juventus


defender matthias de licht after failing


to sign your gunday during the summer


transfer window thomas tukle’s team have


impressed during the early weeks of the


season but there remains a desire to


strengthen at the back the european


champions targeted kundai but sevilla


rejected their 43 million pound offer


and held firm on his 68 million pound


release clause which is absolute ball by


the way because there was this idea that


there was an agreement on the fee


matched and coming into that transfer


window people were suggesting and


reporting that sevilla would accept


quite a lot less than the release clause




because the player really wanted to go


as well it was all leading to a transfer


that was seemingly definitely going to


happen now according to italian outlet


calciomercato chelsea will switch their


focus to holland international delict


whose release clause is set 103 million


pounds then it becomes active at the end


of the season cool so chelsea reportedly


not prepared to pay over like 43 million


pounds for a defender so they turn their


attention to a 103 million pound player


hashtag logic juventus would like the 22


year old delic to commit to a new


contract having invested 68 million


pounds plus add-ons when they signed him


from iax in 2019. four that’s a pretty


good deal for my axe in 2019 based past


70 million pounds for a teenager for


ayax that’s mental however chelsea would


reportedly be interested having


concluded that a move for pakistan’s


german defender marquinhos would be


difficult i’d love marquis dios i think


everyone would love marquinhos of course


including thomas dougal who coached


marquinhos for a long time psg i’ve said


marquinhos a lot chelsea’s summer move


for france international kunday 22 was


dependent on kurt zuma’s departure from


the club zuma joined west ham in a 30


million pound deal just before the


deadline sevilla’s sporting director


monchi said quote we weren’t satisfied


with the offer and it was linked to


chelsea selling a player it was a decent


fee but it didn’t meet our criteria tupa


will be concerned that chelsea could be


left short for defensive options if


contract talks with antonio rudiger and


anteres christensen don’t work out well


i think pretty much andreas christensen


will sign regardless yes it’s


interesting with rudiger who knows maybe


these uh linked stories are a bit of a


smoke screen to force rudiger’s hand to


sign but then he’s probably thinking


you’re gonna spend 103 million pounds on


a defender you can absolutely pay me the


extra 40 grand a week or whatever he


wants it’s been reported that the danish


centre-back christensen is closing on a


new 120 000 pound a week deal at


stamford bridge rudiger meanwhile is


looking for closer to 200k a week and


talks have slowed in recent weeks with


real madrid and psg among the interested


parties should the german be available


on a free transfer yeah of course also


by munich have entered the mix for


antonio rudiger ideally like all of you


i want rudiger and both christensen to


sign new deals and maybe i don’t know


maybe sign your couldn’t they although


readers seem like we need someone for


the left to cover not so much the right


because reach james can play there


that’s pillow can play there


trevor chaliber can play there andres


christensen can play there and on the


left we’ve got


rudiger i mean you know christopherson


can play that as well probably would


matteo still it’s be an exciting signing


of course he’s galactico quality he’s


very young and he’s top tier in terms of


player profile and it would be like a


shiny new thing in your wicked team of


course that’s exciting but you know it


took him a while to settle at juventus


how’s he gonna do in the premier league


we just don’t know


we don’t know so do you waste loads of


money on him probably not would you


rather get your cundy who’s agreed terms


probably but like i said at the moment


he seems like a right-sided player guys


what do you think i’d urge you all to


comment down below in the comment


section that’s where you comment of




and yeah let’s start up a conversation


and discussion on the stuff that i’ve


spoken about in today’s video formations


433 ribbon loftus cheek cdm transfers


materials delict all that good gear


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we’re pretty cool friends so enjoy the


football and of course i’ll see you




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